Top 6 Best Job Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants in 2020

⦁ Sales representative
A decent Sales Representative can make a business effective, which is why they are the most sought after talented workers in Canada, with more than 8,500 open positions online week by week. Business to client and business to business jobs are also incorporated as part of this expected set of responsibilities
The base salary for a business agent in Canada is approaching $ 64,000, and is regularly supplemented with commission motivating forces. In case you are a salesperson, you can predict that your compensation will be in the range of $ 52,000 to $ 64,000.

⦁ Accountant
The bigger the business, the more significant the accountant becomes, which is why this occupation is the second most popular talented specialist position in Canada. A significant part of the job is to urge clients to consistency in tax collection, but in general, it is linked to helping organizations and people to handle their funds.
A certified professional accountant (CPA) assignment has a solid stable work history in Canada and depends on it to proceed. In the event that you are an accountant, you can anticipate that your salary should be within the scope of $ 63,000 to $ 75,000.

⦁ Engineering Project Manager
The moment a development venture runs smoothly, you can guarantee the inclusion of a complete engineering project manager. Canada has some important indicators that clarify why there is a call for this position, including an explosive housing market and a government organizing and carrying out significant different framework ventures. In fact, infrastructure ventures are one of the most suitable companies in the country. As a project director, you can expect your compensation to be in the range of $ 74,000 to $ 92,000.

⦁ Business Analyst
A business analyst is continually looking for approaches to make business work more easily and effectively. This demonstrates a range of innovation skills and money-related judgment is required, depending on the particulars of the job. Larger tasks may use some experts for various regions of their business, and their pay is, in most cases, between $ 73,000 and $ 87,000.
⦁ IT Project Manager
It is true that an IT project manager must have cleaned up innovation skills, but the job includes making up for it with the ability to oversee the company’s time, staff and financial plan. They are responsible for finishing complicated innovation extensions that can enable business development. Your compensation can range from $ 92,000 to $ 114,000.

⦁ Account Manager
Registry managers are responsible for keeping existing customers optimistic and revealing new customers, making them essential to winning a business. They are the essential objective of a contact organization in connections between companies. To become a recording director in Canada, you need to obtain the vital instructions and skills, and your remuneration will range from $ 75,000 to $ 92,000.