Step by step instructions to Move to America from Australia

For Australian residents, there are regularly some options for all times or to move to the United States soon. As a rule, Australians will require an offer of employment in the USA, a close relative who is resident in the USA or permission for a college in the USA to have the option of living in the United States. Before settling your move, you will also need to arrange the right visa with US migration experts.

American migration may be among the most difficult on the planet. Australians need a visa in the USA if they stay more than 90 days, and if they intend to work or study a work visa / study visa in the USA it is commonly necessary.

Regardless of whether you are moving to work, have study plans, or just need to be closer to your family or partners, the migration law is complex and you should talk to legal experts who specialize in migration to talk about the alternatives available to you , given their experience, conditions and destinations.

Bit by bit: Applying for a Visa

Step 1

Apply for a Visa (Some applications that allow you to move to the United States forever are regularly referred to as green card applications).
Australian securities that must concentrate in the United States would normally require an F-1 or J-1 visa.

Australians who need to work in the United States will need an American company to support the visa. This is normally with an E-2 or E-3 visa.

Australians with an American partner would probably fit into the account for an Immigrant Visa and Green Card.

Step 2

Have adequate resources to cover your remains

It may be necessary to demonstrate to the movement specialists of the United States that you have sufficient resources to cover your remaining underlying assets in the United States. In the event that, considering, you will have to demonstrate that you have enough resources to cover the educational costs and the daily costs for the duration of the exams. In the event that you have agreed on a job with an American manager, you will likely need to demonstrate that the Company will pay your wages in the United States and meet different capacities identified with your specific visa class.

Step 3

Organize mandatory records for the type of visa you are applying for.
Make sure your visa has the appropriate measure of exceptional legitimacy.
Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, you must provide different support records to show that you meet all visa requirements.

Step 4

Pay and plan a visa agreement at a US office.
All visa applications to the United States require a personal visa agreement at the US consulate.
Be sure to bring your identification and all other important documents to your reserved visa organization.

Step 5

When you have an effective visa agreement, trust that your identification will be returned with your new US visa.
Most of the time, it takes about 10 days to obtain your visa and identification after your appointment at the Consulate.

Step 6

Book your trip.

It is an ideal opportunity to book your tour from Australia to the USA. Although ocean travel is an option, flight is often appreciated.

Step 7
Get medical insurance

Clinical protection is an absolute must to cover your time in the USA. You are probably legally required to maintain US medical coverage. There is no national welfare administration in the United States and the cost of clinical consideration can be incredibly high without protection.

Step 8

Take ALL your documentation with you
You will have to show all your movement reports when you appear at the US port of passage. Identification, visa / s and work or study records.